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How to Build a Team AND Take Time Off!

Sarita Dua took over 100 days off last year. How is she able to travel the globe while managing a team of buyers agents and admin who are focused on big results? 

Join us as Sarita shares the steps she took in order to grow her business AND spend more time out of the office. 

We’ll bust the myth that you can’t both run a team and take time off, and we’ll give you specific tools, tech, & tactics you can implement in your business so you can add more vacations to your schedule in 2021.

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Our system has been built by agents FOR agents. It’s been put together in painstaking detail and is ready to help you catapult your business. The program is specifically designed to help you:
  • Set up workflows to automate your repetitive emails
  • Reduce the learning curve for new employees (because of pre-mapped out workflows)
  • Improve accountability by automatically delegating tasks to appropriate employees
  • ​Make face-to-face and phone interactions more productive because your workflows are automatically emailing your contact before the conversation, sending you reminders, talking point checklists and more!
  • ​ Use workflows to greatly reduce the amount of typing and tagging you must perform, while making it even easier to move your clients through a lead cycle, a transaction, a listing, and long-term follow-up.
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